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Update March 05, 2020The case has been assigned to detectives and they are doing follow-up work. They have a suspect but they have not yet been able to locate that person. The important thing is that the case is not falling through the cracks. They are doing their best to locate the suspect and the lost property.

Incident Summary and Additional Donation/Support Information 

On Monday March 2, 2020, at around 4:00 AM, the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to Christ the King Lutheran Church because neighbors saw people breaking into the Boy Scout Troop 187 trailer located on the church property. Police arrived and the suspects fled. Unfortunately, they fled with significant portion of our camping equipment,approximately $8500 in camping equipment was stolen.  Further, there was some damage to the outdoor lighting at the church also.

Facing the upcoming busy camping season, Troop 187 needs to quickly replace a significant amount of equipment, repair the trailer in order to continue our program for the scouts (11-17 age group of boys) and help the Church repair the lighting that was damaged.  

The Scouts work hard throughout the year to raise money to buy new equipment to support the Troop.

We would like to thank everyone for their support we have received over the past several days. 

We will keep you updated as things develop.

Troop 187 Support and Equipment Replacement

We continue to get phone calls and emails about how can others support or donate to the Troop.At this point we need to replace our troop camping equipment: 4 season tents(4 person), Propane tanks, Lanterns, Stoves, Double Burners, Dining Canopy(12x20), Igloo Coolers, Propane Trees, Propane Extensions Hoses, Cooking Supplies, General Supplies, Tent Cleaning/Repair Equipment, Dutch Oven, Ropes,Buckets, Water Containers, Cooking Tables, Crates, Storage Bins, Cooking Staple Items, Food Supplies and Ground Traps.


The Troop set-up a gofundme account because a number of people have asked what they can do to help.  Making a contribution of any size will be a great benefit to Scouts of Troop 187. 

Gofundme link:

Donating Equipment: If you would like to donate camping equipment for the Scouts, you can drop the equipment off on Monday, March 9th, 16th or 30th at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 950 Vindicator Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM).  If this time does not work, please contact Matt Hensley (719) 640-0777 for other times. 

Additional Information/Updates

Channel 5 news interviewed the Troop on Monday, March 2, 2020.

§Link to story: 

Troop 187 in Colorado Springs

Boy Scout Troop 187 in Colorado Springs, Colorado WELCOMES YOU!

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 187!  We are a very active Boy Scout Troop that meets at Christ the King, on the northwest side of Colorado Springs, Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m. The patrols are mixed ages and ranks, creating the perfect atmosphere for mentoring among the boys. In addition to weekly troop and/or patrol meetings, the scouts routinely camp in the beautiful Colorado Springs surroundings, travel to great destinations for summer camp, participate in community based service projects and participate in skill and team building activities.

If you'd like more information regarding Troop 187 or would like to schedule a time to come by for a visit, please feel free to contact Scoutmaster Matt Hensley at 719-640-0777 or simply click on the Contact Us button at the top of this page!

We look forward to meeting you!